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Promoting Health By Serving Fresh Bottled Drinking Water, Alkaline Water Bottle, Himalayan Mineral Water, Spring Water, Natural Mineral Water !

About Us

At Mount Mineral Springs Pvt. Ltd. caring for the health & safety of all is a priority, The Co is proud owners of international award-winning brand miQua bottled at USFDA certified facility. Our purpose is to provide pure, natural wholesome, healthy Natural Mineral Water (Naturally Alkaline) to all, consequently we work with passion as a bottlers and wholesaler. We also work in the market as a third-party exporter to meet growing demand of overseas customers for Miqua Bottled Drinking Water.

Under the esteemed brand name, miQua- Natural Mineral Water, we assure to serve high quality Natural Mineral Water, in BPA FREE virgin polymer food grade Pet bottles, Jars and sterile glass bottles. The water packs we serve pass all the parameters prescribed by concerned governments authorities and regulators. By virtue of being accredited with FSMS 22000:18 (Includes HACCP), ISO 9001:15 and USFDA, enables the company to communicate to all the stake holders the highest international standards they believe in and deliver.

Many may wonder, how do we manage to present such a quality collection? The answer to this goes to the sources, and exquisite creation by mother earth beneath the slopes of majestic Sahyadris, Subsequent scientific examination comprehensive analysis from several NABAL, FDA accredited labs., for over a decade resulted in discovery of this astounding hidden treasure. The award-winning Elixir of the mountains, miQua is of proven natural origin, hygienically extracted and bottled directly at source on full automated sterile FDA approved facility, untouched by humans. 

Our water is protected by underground mineral-rich volcanic rocks. The water available there has proven to have impressive volumes of vital life sustaining alkaline minerals, electrolytes and nutrients, gaining a fantastic pH between 7.3 to 8.5, making the springs naturally alkaline. We desire making available such 100% naturally purified, alkaline, unique variety of nature crafted water to every corner of the Globe and delight mankind. 

Why Choose Us? 

In India, our name is associated with quality and health. We have managed to create such a positive image in the market by consistently presenting our precious clients with natures wonderful creations, the taste of this one-of-a-kind mineral-rich collection of miQua. Our quality water packs are not the sole reason for our success in the market, we are respected for: 

  • Facilitating ethical sourcing of water and extracting without infringing upon eco-fabric. 
  • Ability to make available the bottled drinking water in bulk promptly. 
  • Talent for always making timely deliveries of each consignment 

The Source of Trust 

Worried and confused? Not sure whether our range or company can be trusted? Let us clear all the doubts. We have a long history of sourcing our water from the mighty Sahyadri mountain range. As rainwater seeps into mountains, the mineral-rich porous volcanic rocks naturally filter to a degree incomparable to any other filtration process. This natural filtration gives the water higher degree of virginity, munificent alkalinity and rich-haul of vital minerals, electrolytes and nutrients known for health enhancing qualities, that is harder to find in any other brand and impossible to replicate. 

Do not hesitate to deal with us! We do not just source the best but we make sure that the Miqua Bottled Drinking Water is stored, packed, and dispatched with care, under utmost hygienic conditions and are economically priced. Our company lays stress on hygiene, to ensure highest quality as well as purity to each drop bottled. 

Today, our enterprise has earned the trust of a huge customer base in the country and abroad, becoming one of those to enjoy the healthy hydration this natural mineral alkaline water has to offer. 

10 Amazing Health Benefits of miQua, bottled Water: 

miQua is widely known in the market and Internationally for its several health enhancing benefits to consumers. Some 10 major benefits are listed below: 

  • It helps regulate blood pressure and potent an antioxidant. 
  • It helps to nourish skin and make it glowing. 
  • It helps increases mental alertness 
  • It helps strengthens the hair 
  • It helps prevent osteoporosis and promote bone health. 
  • It helps tissue oxygenation and energy production. 
  • It helps in reducing body fat and prevent obesity-related issues. 
  • It helps reduce cardiac diseases. 
  • It helps boost immunity being naturally alkaline. 
  • It helps lower cholesterol. 

What Is Alkaline Water? 

In nature water flows through layers of mineral rocks, down from mountain streams and picks up alkaline minerals from porous volcanic rocks from which it runs, affecting its pH and making it naturally alkaline.
However, many companies have come up with a way to create artificial alkaline water by adding additives or ionisation process to trick the water into thinking it has certain high pH, but possess fewer or none of natural minerals responsible for healthful benefits, other than its high pH would have you believe. 

Our water such as Miqua Bottled Drinking Water is born naturally alkaline, due to presences of bicarbonates from mineral-rich volcanic rocks We make sure that only pure,100% natural alkaline water is served to clients to nourish and enrich quality of life. 

Mineral Deposition 

The natural mineral water which we offer is advised to be stored in cool place away from odour by following the label instructions strictly. Recommended to serve chilled to enjoy the distinctive taste and terroir to awaken senses. 

Why Choose, miQua Water? 

We are steadfast in our advocacy of being healthy water. Award winner, miQua should be the preferred choice when it comes to healthy hydration, since, miQua adds life "sustaining vital minerals to our body. Our exquisite water has won BRONZE award for India (selected amongst 2200 global brands) as the Best tasting water of the world at High End Drinking Water Expo 2019 held at Guangzhou, China, organised by Fine waters society Sweden. The chemistry of miQua is an incredible balanced mix of Calcium, Magnesium, Low sodium, Chlorides, Sulphate, Bicarbonates, Potassium, Zinc and more, gaining a fantastic alkaline pH in addition to electrolytes and nutrients. miQua is the wonderful creation of nature, has significance beyond its benefits, an exquisite water born to quench, nourish and revitalize, has been a major contributor to its success in the competitive market.

MOUNT MINERAL SPRINGS, Coelho Acres, survey no 60/1, village Vavandal, Khalapur, Dist RaigadMumbai - 410202, Maharashtra, India
Phone :08045812507
Mr Suraj Patil (Director)
Mobile :08045812507

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